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The Global Design Academy offers comprehensive study program, led by a top university and industry professionals in a specific area,

has been recognized and accredited by the College of Design at Rangsit University - the number one private university in Thailand.

Students will be well-equipped to become leading designers in their field. Through a combination of academic instruction and hands-on experience, gain the knowledge, skills, and industry connections needed to succeed in the global marketplace.

This program is ideal for those looking to advance their career and become leaders in the field of




Upon completing their studies with The Global Design Academy, students can achieve great success as designers on a global level. The academy offers students the opportunity to enhance their design and critical thinking skills in specific areas of their interest. This, in turn, leads to significant achievements as they become skilled designers in their field of specialization. The comprehensive education and training provided by the academy empower students to develop a deep understanding of design principles and techniques, as well as practical experience working on real-world design projects. With these skills, students can pursue their passion for design and make valuable contributions to the industry, bringing their unique perspectives and innovative ideas to the global design community.

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